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Ghost in the Ghost: an Art Show on "Ornamentalism"

Inspired by Anne Anlin Cheng '85's new book *Ornamentalism* (Oxford University Press) -- a study of the confusion between "Oriental persons" and "ornamental things," which is also a history of Asiatic femininity in the western imagination -- this art exhibition showcases the works of six contemporary conceptual artists engaged with what Cheng calls American ornamentalist practice and the beauty and violence that this practice produces.

The art show is open June 21-July 21. 2019.
Opening reception is Friday, June 21, 6-9pm.

Gallery talk with Anne A. Cheng is Saturday, June 22, Noon to 2:00pm.

Tiger Strike Asteroid Gallery 1329 Willoughby Ave, #2A, Brooklyn, NY 11237 USA


Art Show in Brooklyn based on Work by Professor Anne Anlin Cheng '85

Submitted by Anne Cheng ‘85