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IVA on Spotify playlists... and headed to LA in March!

Dear Friends!

Longing for spring? Well there have been some developments during this quiet winter...
For Spotify fans, my music can now be found on several playlists:
* "Young" is on the Fashion playlist by Alpha
* "Immense Tenderness" is on "the popularizer" playlist by Talk About Pop Music
* IVA & her Divas shows the key artists and influences on my music
Come follow me on Spotify, as new music is coming soon from the Traitor EP!

For those of you in LA this March 23-24, I will be visiting the west coast and performing as well as holding workshops. If you would like more information, please email!

Please come visit YouTube and watch Immense Tenderness if you haven't already. Subscribe and leave us a comment! We love hearing from you.

Sending big love, onwards, inwards and outwards!