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In SEAtu: Rain & Coffee & Salmon & Weed -- Satirizing Seattle

MarisolMakes / Marisol Rosa-Shapiro '07 presents:
In SEAtu: Rain & Coffee & Salmon & Weed

The bouffons have landed in Seattle to observe and mimic foibles of human behavior. Allergic to apathy, they challenge politeness, expose uncomfortable truths, and acknowledge the beauty and tragic histories of our beloved icons.

This playful band of demigods employ humor and imagination to poke fun at four Seattle icons: Rain, Coffee, Salmon, and Weed.

In "RAIN," the bouffons address homelessness, housing policy, and the seemingly intractable, growing gap between rich and poor. "COFFEE" asks why our beloved beans always seem to come from war zones, and the implications for international trade, coffee culture, and immigration. "SALMON" addresses the history of indigenous peoples, water rights, and the impacts of development in the Pacific Northwest. "WEED" takes aim at the racial and socioeconomic complexities of legalizing cannabis in Seattle and across the nation.

The bouffons have felt the drizzle, sniffed that coffee aroma, gorged on Omega3s, and splendored in the grass. Join them as they celebrate:

In SEAtu: Rain – Weds, Feb 27 @ 6pm; Thurs, Feb 28 @ 5:30pm
In SEAtu: Coffee – Mon, Mar 25 @ 6pm and 7:30pm
In SEAtu: Salmon – Mon, Apr 29 @ 6pm and 7:30pm
In SEAtu: Weed – Weds, May 29 @ 6pm and Thursday, May 30 @ 6pm

The Ballast Bar at Capitol Cider
818 East Pike Street Seattle, WA


Submitted by Marisol Rosa-Shapir