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Seeking funding suggestions for nation-wide documentary photography project

Starting end of October 2018

This project starts in Princeton and will be completed as field work across the United States. I am currently working to raise funds to help underwrite the travel expenses associated with doing 5 months of documentary fieldwork across the country.

Taking Pause is a collaborative portrait project in which I ask people to reflect upon and share what in their lives feels most essential. While we possess so much, with what do we identify and connect most deeply? What truly matters to us, and why? The goal of this project is to ask the same simple, thought-provoking question — what is irreplaceable to you — of the widest possible range of participants and to document the differences and commonalities of these choices while engaging the spectrum of American diversity and disconnections, both political and economic. From the financially secure to the evicted to those who have lost everything in recent natural disasters.

I began work on this series in February 2018 within my local community, Princeton, and am now preparing to expand it to our national community by doing field work across the United States. Given the current disconnected state of our country, I feel it is essential to reconnect, engage and document where we are right now. To expand the field work for this project, I am planning a five-month trip cross country starting end of October 2018.

While I have applied for multiple grants, I am also looking for other funding suggestions or sources to help underwrite the expenses associated with doing 5 months of fieldwork. If this project sounds interesting to you and you have some ideas to help support or fund it, please contact me to learn more. No amount is too small! Thank you so much!

Submitted by: ROBIN RESCH, 2003