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Listen to The Sound of Liberty Podcast

by Robertson '15 and Mastroianni '14

Certified Goofballs Adam Mastroianni '14 and Jake Robertson '15 have launched a new narrative comedy podcast called The Sound of Liberty!

It’s an absurdist satire radio drama based set during the Cold War, with a wrapper of modern-day mystery around it. Two estranged brothers are searching for their missing grandfather, and their discovery of some mysterious radio tapes thrusts them into a world of espionage, intrigue, and anticommunist paranoia. Jake plays about a billion characters, and literally does over 50 different voices in the first episode alone.

It's a wacky whirlwind of satirical sketch comedy and suspenseful storytelling that reminds us America has a long history of being completely insane.

Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud now! If you like it, tell your friends! And if you don’t, please lie to them on our behalf.


Submitted by: Jake Robertson

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