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F*ck Tinder: a love story in DC & Martha's Vineyard

DC:July 12, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 24, 28  ///
Capital Fringe Festival /
Venue : BLUE Christ United Methodist Church
900 4th Street SW Washington, D.C.

Martha's Vineyard: August 6&7    

“F*ck Tinder: a love story"" is comedic storytelling crack from The Moth champion David Rodwin. After getting held up at gunpoint the night his girlfriend breaks up with him, David moves from LA to San Francisco and goes on dates with 120 women in 2 years - in search of love, but finding everything else. From a first date hook-up who unexpectedly brought along her infant, to hitting up a sex party with a woman who’d just told him “I love you,” for the first time, David brings you on a journey you’re glad he took and you didn’t. Surprisingly, these crazy stories grow into a tale of love… that takes a strange twist.
Unofficial Princeton night July 20@9pm

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Submitted by David Rodwin '92